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Phi is one of the pioneers of Kitesurfing in Phan Rang, opening the first kite school here in My Hoa in 2015.

Phi, originally from Mui Ne, started kitesurfing way back in 2002 when the sport had only just been introduced to Vietnam. He was one of a few local boys who tried it, and loved it! Phi then decided to stop being a fisherman and started to work on the beach at Mia Resort. He was one of the original Beach Boys on Mui Ne Beach. Kitesurfing became Phi’s passion - by 2005 he was teaching others how to kite and in 2007 he became a certified IKO Instructor.

In 2009 Phi set out on a motorbike adventure to explore the coast north of Mui Ne. Travelling alone he headed slowly up the coast to Phan Rang. The roads were very rough but the scenery was breathtaking. When he reached My Hoa he stopped in awe... there was a huge flat-water lagoon with waves breaking further out... and it was windy!! He had found his dream spot.... and fell in love immediately.

Excited about this new spot Phi returned to Mui Ne and the following season in 2010 he started Phi Kitesurfing Adventures – providing organised kitesurfing tours from Mui Ne to the Lagoon.

My Hoa is 16 kms north east of Phan Rang, in the Ninh Hai district, a very rural agricultural area with many salt farms, onion fields, prawn farms, and wandering livestock... and not much else. The old road was very rough with lots of potholes, and there were no food and drinks or other amenities available. Not to mention the police who demanded money to kite in the Lagoon. But Phi was up to the challenge and worked around these obstacles to create a successful kite tour. Over the years the area started to develop a little bit more and with the completion of the new road which runs right near the lagoon, access became much easier making the trip a lot more comfortable.

In 2013, Phi’s dream came true and he purchased some land by the lagoon. He continued to run his kite tours and over a couple of years some basic facilities were added and Phi Kite School opened.

Each year more and more kiters come to enjoy Phi’s kite spot and so each year improvements are made. This season at Phi’s Kite School we have a new restaurant and bar, as well as new showers & toilets for your convenience. We also have a new retail shop and a nice chill out area, with more exciting additions coming soon. Phi’s team of friendly staff has also expanded to ensure you get the best service possible.

Come to Phan Rang and check out Phi’s spot this season.

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