Kite Spot


At Phi’s spot during the Winter High Season the wind blows cross on-shore from a North-NE direction. The wind is strong and reliable with an average wind speed of 20 - 25 knots throughout the day. These are prevailing trade winds and are rarely affected by any thermal. Light wind days are rare and even then it blows around 15 knots. On very strong wind days it can blow around 40 knots – great for showing off big air tricks!!

The tide is the only thing that can cause a delay at Phi Kite School. My Hoa Lagoon is tidal and so sometimes it is dry or too shallow to kite safely. It is always possible however to walk out to the reef and kite in the deep water beyond if you’re really keen. It takes about 10 mins to reach the reef and booties are essential! We have booties available for sale or rent so there are no excuses! You can check the local tide charts here or simply contact us and we’ll let you know the best times to kite for the day.

If you have to wait for the wind or tide there is no better place to do it than at here Phi’s Kite School – you can relax in our new chill out area or enjoy some of the delicious food and drinks available at our new restaurant and bar.

It never really gets that cold here with an average temperature of 25 – 30 C during the Winter High Season. However, the strong winds can create a bit of a chill factor and some people prefer to wear a light wetsuit.

During the Summer Low Season the wind at Phi’s spot switches and blows from the opposite direction, still cross on-shore but from the South- Southeast. The wind is a little lighter and is less reliable, and the tide is not as favourable; however kitesurfing is possible sometimes. If the conditions are not suitable on the Lagoon we move our lessons to the beach at Cong Ga Vang in Phan Rang during this season.

Wind forecast & tide chart for Phi's kite spot