Kite Spot



From Saigon

Recent improvements to the A1 highway have significantly decreased the travel time to Phan Rang. The trip from Saigon by bus will take approximately 7 hours depending on the number of rest stops. Most bus lines that stop in Nha Trang will also let passengers off in Phan Rang. After arriving in Phan Rang a local taxi can take you to Phi’s Kite School for approximately 200,000 VND. A private car transfer is also possible and will also take approximately 7 hours from Saigon to Phan Rang, and then about 20 minutes to Phi Kite School.

From Mui Ne / Phan Thiet

Travelling to Phan Rang by road (on the A1 highway) will take approximately 2.5 hours by bus, private car, or motorbike. You can take the A1 all the way but we recommend turning off at Ca Na and taking the new coastal road into Phan Rang - it will add about 45 minutes to your trip but is well worth it as the scenery is breathtaking!! After passing through Phan Rang keep going north past Ninh Chu Bay and then continue for another 10 kms to Phi’s spot at My Hoa Lagoon. See Self- driver section below for more details.

From Cam Ranh Airport

It takes just over an hour to get to Phi’s Kite School from Cam Ranh Airport. Private car transfer or pre-arranged Phan Rang taxi is recommended.

From Nha Trang

The drive from Nha Trang to Phi’s Kite School will take approximately 2 hours by road. Taxi, private car or buses are available.


If you are driving yourself, follow these directions: Head north out of Phan Rang City over the bridge to NInh Chu Bay and then continue along this road for approximately 7 kms. When you reach a fork in the road take the left fork and continue on the main road to My Hoa for another 3 kms. Phi Kite School is on the right. The road is new and the scenery is beautiful making it a pleasant 20-minute drive. Parking is available on site.


Phan Rang is conveniently located on Vietnam’s main North-South train line and most trains will stop here. The name of the station is Thap Cham. There are 4 classes of seating available from Soft berth to Hard Seat. The trip from Saigon takes between 5.5 to 7 hours depending on the number of stops. Thap Cham station is located 28 kms from Phi Kite School. A local taxi will cost about 300,000 VND and take about 45 minutes. There are usually many taxi’s waiting outside the station or we can organise a pick up for you.


Travelling by plane to get here is also very convenient. Our local airport is Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) - often referred to as Nha Trang. Domestic flights from Saigon or Hanoi are readily available. The flight from Saigon takes less than an hour and if you book early, tickets can be very cheap. There are also Direct International flights from Hong Kong, China and Russia, with more routes coming soon. The drive from the airport to Phi’s Kite School takes about an hour and a half, as we have to go around Nui Chua National Park. Most of the taxis at the airport are bound for Nha Trang and they get confused when you say Phan Rang, often going the wrong way, so a private car transfer is recommended to avoid any hassles. We can help you get here! Just check out our Transport Services and Contact Us.