During the High Season Phi Kite School runs an exciting Downwinder. Launching from a bay 12 kms upwind, kiters can enjoy 2 hours of bliss along an untouched coastline while slowly heading back downwind to Phi’s Spot. There are several world quality reef breaks along the way, mostly with lefthanders but also a few short rights. The downwinder can be challenging so it is only suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Riders.

Safety is our priority! All riders participating in the downwinder are required to sign out on departure and back in on return.

Two experienced riders always accompany the downwinder to guide and assist other kiters in case of a problem.

Check our noticeboard for the downwinder schedule.

Sign up at Reception if you wish to join. 

Transfer to the launching spot is included.

COST: 50,000 VND per person