Kite Spot


Phi Kite School is located on My Hoa Lagoon, 16 kms Northeast of Phan Rang in the Ninh Hai District, a scenic agricultural area with the crystal blue water of the sea to the East and majestic mountain ranges to the West.

Phan Rang is the capital of Ninh Thuan Province, situated in the middle of the tourism triangle of Phan Thiet, Dalat, and Nha Trang. In contrast to Mui Ne there are very few foreigners here and not many people speak English. The locals are very friendly, although they are still genuinely surprised when they see a foreigner, especially in the rural areas.

Phan Rang meaning “Wind and Sun” in Vietnamese certainly lives up to it’s name - it is the driest place in Vietnam with the lowest annual rainfall, and has wind almost all year round. Phan Rang is developing as a kitesurfing destination in Vietnam, and will definitely grow over the next few years. It offers a range of different places to kite with a variety of conditions making it possible to kite here almost all year round.

Traditionally there are 2 seasons here – the High Season (Winter) from mid October to April which has strong reliable trade winds from the North-North East, and Low Season (Summer) May – September which has thermal winds from the South-South East. During the low season the wind is a little lighter and may be affected by storms.